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Bigger Than Yourself

What’s Your (TRUE) Journey

I am so proud of my husband, Gary, as he continues to serve his country. I love that he feels compelled to serve, despite how hard it is when away. He is brave, and strong and all who know him admire his dedication, sense of humor, love of family and friends, and of course how he always brightens a room.

My desire to help create caring communities, to empower people to take action and serve the communities they reside, is similar to my husband’s commitment to his country. We are all given opportunities to make change, to make a difference, to do things much bigger than ourselves.

By aligning your efforts with something bigger than yourself or your own achievements, you infuse your efforts with passion and great purpose. One organization I admire is Rotary, and most importantly their motto ~ service above self.

Have you ever asked yourself these life-changing questions?

How do you define success? What short and long-term goals do you have in place? What do you wish for yourself to achieve and also experience?

How does your family inspire you? What do they depend on you to do or be? What goals do you have for your family? What can help you realize these goals?

What are your hopes for your community? How do you define community? As a circle of family/friends or maybe you think in terms of country (like my husband), or maybe even as large as humanity in general? What sort of change or progress do you wish for this group? Is there a problem this community faces that you are inspired to fix? How can you make your world a better place?

What are the core principals you want to live by? How can you make these more present in your everyday actions?

Identifying these purposes requires a lot of deep thought. The power that real purpose brings to any effort makes it all very worthwhile. Take this time to truly identify how you connect with those things greater than yourself, and prepare for the power when you find your true intention.

Please share ‘Think About It’ with your friends, colleagues and anyone who wants to simply live in a more caring community.

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