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Creating Caring Communities

Building Caring Communities Through Meaningful Relationships

Nicole Brose of Creating Caring Communities

Nicole Brose, Chief Empowerment Officer

Creating Caring Communities (CCC) was founded by Nicole Brose in March, 2016. After spending 25 years working in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, she realized a few common threads: the need for a happy and empowered work force, the necessity of effective and inspiring messaging that leverages support and the need to align charitable giving with an organizational mission to truly impact communities.

Nicole is a graduate of Purdue University with advanced training from the University of Massachusetts and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She has extensive experience in strategic and organizational planning, media relations, leadership training, team building, education, employee empowerment programs, grant development, marketing strategies and social media.

Nicole has served in many different capacities including Executive Director, Development Director, Vice President of Business Development, and Public Relations. Nicole has served on several Boards of Directors throughout her professional career including Mayoral appointments, mentoring organizations, women’s health initiatives and animal welfare organizations. She has guided the start-up of many successful businesses and non-profit organizations.

Nicole has been active in her community from a young age and quickly became involved in Rotary, leadership programs and government campaigns. She enjoys spending time with her family as they all believe in giving back and helping to create caring communities.

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Dive in at Creating Caring Communities

Fun Facts

  • This Indiana-raised gal loves clear, warm water to practice her free diving skills – go figure!
  • She used to study whales and dolphins in various amazing spots across the globe. Watch out if one is spotted; you will get an ear full!
  • Every day she is actively trying to get a homeless dog or cat adopted.

JOY at Creating Caring Communities

Inspired By

  • A sunrise
  • Happy people, who work and play hard
  • Live music
  • Horses, especially my Buddy
  • An animal that was neglected, still trusting, with a will to fight (of course finding a home)
  • My misfits – all of them owned over the years

Team Members


Peter Kimmel, Chief Marketing Officer

Peter is a graphic designer and marketing expert with degrees in Business and Advertising from the University of Florida. After graduating, Peter worked for several years as an Event Planner up north before moving to Jacksonville and transitioning to graphic design.

Since then, Peter has designed several web sites and manages social media, marketing strategy, and content strategy for CCC clients. In addition to his work with CCC, Peter is passionate about the animals and does marketing work for local non-profit First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

Peter enjoys reading, designing, playing sports, rescuing animals, and hanging with his fiancee and four wonderful cats at home.

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Fun Facts

  • Pete is a cat daddy, with four permanent cats and lots of revolving fosters (Teddy pictured above)
  • He teaches lacrosse on the weekends to kids of all ages


Inspired By

  • People who want to change the world
  • The stars
  • Aaron Draplin
  • Animals and nature


Nicholas Louckes, Senior Web Developer

Nick is a web development specialist with more than 16 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and has created websites and web applications for several organizations in the Jacksonville area. To excel in his field, Nick has become an avid student of Marketing, SEO, and UI/UX techniques.

From Department of Defense applications to sales driven landing pages, he always strives to produce a product that is above the client’s expectations.


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Fun Facts

  • Nick was a side impact engineer for Chrysler, developing vehicle structures and airbags that help save lives.
  • Nick used to own a new and used CD store/arcade in Phoenix and Tempe called Boggles, with his good friend and future wife.


Inspired By

  • Any work of art that stimulates the imagination, or feeds the emotions of the listener or viewer.
  • My son’s music, my daughter’s drawings and my wife’s smile or laugh.